Promotional Videos

I can produce and create videos to promote your brand on social media or your website. Videos that communicate your story, your values, and the services you offer in a cinematic and engaging style.

My objective is to ensure that each video has its own identity and that it transmits the uniqueness of each project, telling the personal and human story behind it. I create videos that communicate this in a natural and honest way, helping your audience to connect with your values by creating excellent content.

I pay close attention to detail in every part of the process, giving great importance to aesthetics and taking maximum care in determining the final visual quality. Every detail counts.

From the initial creativity to the final delivery, we work in a joint creation process, seeking at all times that every piece be at the service of the initially determined strategy.

Each project has different objectives and needs.
Depending on the purpose we want to achieve, we can create different types of promotional video:

  • A series of short videos presenting related content
  • Longer video explaining your project, its personality, its value and mission
  • Your story told first-hand, to enable the viewer to get to know you in a more personal way
  • Testimonials and interviews that support and validate your experience
  • An inspiring video to highlight your values
  • Any idea you want to communicate



Here you can see a selection of my promotional video works

Dance and Performance Videos

Dance, theatre and performance fascinate me. I am also fascinated by the process of combining them with audiovisual language. I began my relationship with dance 5 years ago, and since then I have made videos to promote dance, theatre and performance shows and companies.

Promotional videos and trailers capturing the essence of the work.

Or, if you need to document a complete piece of work, I also do recording and editing of shows.


Here you can see a selection of some dance works.